Why Should I Help?

On Equal Ground is a blog dedicated to enforcing Gay Rights in West Virginia. We consider ourselves advocates for Gay/Marriage Rights and we believe that many people in our state do not help because 1. they are against Gay Rights, 2. They are uneducated on the topic or 3. family tradition/how they were raised.

We feel that if everyone could do their part to educate others on the issue maybe, just maybe we could change a few minds in our state. We have compiled a collection of hate crimes, laws and other things that truly show how close-minded the people of our state can be. Not that they are close-minded because they choose to be, but maybe it's because they don't see things from a different perspective. 

We need to educate others and make a difference in our state. We cant push laws and regulations without educating the people of West Virginia so they are able to make a contribution to our efforts.

Gay Hate Crimes in West Virginia 
The following article is an example of a hate crime in West Virginia that is believed to have been committed because of sexual orientation. Crimes like this happen everyday, harassment happens everyday, but not all of it makes the media. People are bullied, beaten and even killed because of who they love.

Take A Stand: for life

Adoption Laws
West Virginia tends to very close-minded toward the Gay lifestyle. This is everyday relationships, marriage and of course adoption. The following article represents may gay and lesbian couples who are not able to adopt or who often struggle to adopt children, when they can provide a great life for a child. 

Take A Stand: for children 

A WVU Student completed this video to promote equal adoption laws for homosexual partners. The video is titled "Two Moms" and can be found on the Zimmertwins website under her username: bmcguir1 and password: 5647. Here is the link: "Two Moms" .

Gay Hate Crime Statistics and Information 
Take A Stand: to save lives