Equal Rights in The Media

Taking Action On A National Level: Gay Rights in the Media

As well as taking action within our state we, as a community, need to come together and take action on a national level to represent our state and be heard. There are many national campaigns to join and many ways to get our opinions mainstream. Below I have listed many popular campaigns that seem to get a lot of recognition when it comes to Gay Rights.

It Gets Better

The most recent, tragic stream of events within the gay community  is the unfortunate teen suicides across the nation. In recent months Justin Aeberg, Billy Lucas,Cody Barker, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Raymond Chase, and Tyler Clementi have all taken their lives because they were bullied in school for being gay. 

The LGBT community has for too long been bullied and has had a rising number of suicides each year, and in September Dan Savage founded the It Gets Better Project. The It Gets Better Project is a way for everyone in the nation or in the world to give support and strength to many of these individuals who struggle each day being bullied and not being accepted for who they are.

People are doing this by posting videos describing their experiences and letting members of the gay community know that they are not alone, they are not isolated in this world and that it does in fact "get better". 

Not only does the project have it's own website, but also it's own YouTube Channel. You can find videos from celebrities, political figures (even President Obama) and even people within our own state. 

Join them on Facebook and even upload your own videos, help spread the message that "It Gets Better"! :)

NOH8 Campaign

The NoH8 Campaign is a silent protest created by celebrity photographer, Adam Bouska. The campaign is in direct response to the passage of Preposition 8 in California. The pictures feature familiar faces such as celebrities and political figures with duct tape over their mouths and the phrase "NOH8" written on their cheek. Photos can be submitted by anyone, you should submit one yourself to show your support of the overturning of Proposition 8. Baby steps such as campaigns like the can grow into a huge difference in the making. 

The NOH8 campaign travels city to city so let's bring recognition to our state and see what we can accomplish! Maybe with enough feedback and effort we, as a community in West Virginia can organize a NOH8 walk or protest!


Give A Damn

The Give A Damn Campaign is similar to the NOH8 campaign in the aspect of standing up for Equal Rights. Give a damn is geared more toward the straight community that is supportive of the gay community. 

The campaign is an informative campaign that gives PSAs about the problems within our country concerning Gay Rights and equality. The campaign brings forth issues that may not be seen otherwise and strives to get as many people as possible to join them in their efforts. 

Locally we can join the organization and send out videos and informational pieces to help our community stay informed about the issues withing the gay community. Join the Give A Damn campaign and make a difference. The website contains many informational pages for example a Health Care page and a Hate Crimes page. 

Give A Damn: Blog

Gay Rights and Marriage Equality in Prime-time Television

"Modern Family" and Gay Rights

The new television show on ABC, Modern Family, is a comedy series that focuses on the changes the term "family" has endured over the years. The show is on Wednesday nights and is shot in a "mockumentary" style. 

Gay Rights have a large part in the show since one of the sub-families consists of two gay males, Mitchell and Cameron and their adopted daughter, Lily. The dynamic of "family" is definitely challenged in this series and it is definitely one of a kind. The gay couple shared their first on-screen kiss this season and exploded in huge controversy across the nation, people both praised and snubbed the kiss. The kiss occurred on the September 29th episode and was only a small peck that sent the nation into both happiness and shock! 

I was right on with the kiss, but disappointed that some could not accept it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but when those opinions contain ignorance, it's a little hard to not get upset about it. 

The things this show does for Gay Rights is absolutely amazing. It showcases a normal couple for everyone to see, the only thing not "normal" about them is the fact that they are two males. They have adopted a little girl, they fight, they make-up, they work and they do everything "normal" couples do. I think it is great that a show like this showcases a relationship between two people that love each other very much and have a stronger relationship that most heterosexual couples. Right on, Modern Family! Keep it coming!

Here is a link to a webiste with an article talking about Modern Family and Marriage Equality.

Here is the video of the first kiss shared on-screen by the couple: 

(very end of the clip)