Equal Rights and the WVU Community

Standing for Equal Rights at WVU

The state of West Virginia as a whole may not be very fond of the idea of equal rights for all, but not EVERYONE within the state feels that way. Here at West Virginia University the issue of gay rights is widely supported by a large number of students and faculty.

Mock Same-Sex Marriages

The student organization BiGLTM (Bisexual,Gay,Lesbian,and Transgender Mountaineers) is an organization which supports the BiGLT members of the community. This organization provides services and different types of support for not only BiGLT students, but also faculty and allied people as well.

This year during WVU's Gay Pride Week, BiGLTM hosted mock same-sex wedding ceremonies in front of the Mountainlair. This was a really effective way to raise awareness about this issue.

Same-sex marriage is only legal in 6 states, but even within those six states, the marriage is still not recognized by the federal government. Therefor, same-sex married couples miss out on a huge amount of benefits and rights that straight couples have, and that simply isn't right.

Many students simply don't think about all of the rights and benefits that go along with marriage, and the fact that same-sex couples are wrongfully denied these rights. That is why the BiGLTM wanted to bring attention to the issue, and what better way to do it than holding public mock ceremonies in the busiest area on campus!

WVU Students Show Support

Equal Rights has always been a major issue in the gay community, but in order for drastic changes to be made the issue needs to be raised in the main stream community as well. Many people don't ever think about all of the ways gay people are discriminated against when it comes to state and federal laws.

Raising awareness about the lack of rights given to members of the gay community is very important in order to make a change. One WVU student, Brittni McGuire has done her part to raise awareness in the community with her blog regarding gay rights and especially with her very own "it gets better" video.

Wanna Make a Difference?

Whether you're a member of the BiGLT community, or you just want to support the cause, there's a number of ways to get involved and help make a difference.Visit the BiGLTM Homepage for more information on the organization and to find out how you can help!

 Just for FUN


If you're sick of the same old bar scene and looking for somewhere new to go on a Friday night, check out Vice Versa-- not your "typical" bar. Although it is known to be the best gay bar in Morgantown, Vice Versa is a great place for straight people as well! 'Vice', as the regulars call it, is a great place to meet new people and have a good time no matter what your sexual orientation is.